Hair porosity for Dummies. Let's find out what is it all about!

You have heard about porosity of hair before, but you weren't bothered by it. It is difficult to figure it out, what is it all about and how can this knowledge help you. And what if you could finally know why does this conditioner with beautiful scent frizzes your hair so much? Allow us to introduce a handful of information about porosity of the hair. Do not worry, we will explain it the simplest way possible.

Let's start with what the porosity of hair is? To fully understand this term you need to know a little bit about anatomy of hair. We all know that hair has a bulb and external part, above the skin. This part is called hair shaft and is covered with hair cuticles. On whether cuticles are sealed or not depends the porosity of hair. They can entirely adhere to shaft or be raised creating large gap. Porosity of the hair is nothing else, but level of cuticles raise.

So, porosity is just an amount of pores - free spaces between shaft and hair cuticles. High porosity hair have really raised cuticles, i.e. more free spaces. While on the other hand, low porosity hair have cuticles adhere closely to the shaft and not many pores.

Well, all right, porosity seems quite simple. But, how does it influence hair and their care? Let's start here by explaining what high and low porosity hair are like. The more raised cuticles the greater water, vitamin and mineral loss and hair are more subjected to damages. After all, hair cuticles have protective function - protect hair against dryness, weakening and impact of harmful factors from external world.

Low porosity hair are healthy, smooth, well moisturised, elastic and trouble free. The high porosity hair are the complete opposite - dry, brittle, matte, rough, sometimes oily and suffering from dandruff. As you probably figure it out, medium porosity hair are somewhere in between - neither healthy nor very damaged.

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Why do you need this knowledge? Knowing porosity of your hair you know whether your hair are healthy or damaged. That definitely makes choice of cosmetics for hair care much easier. And we do not mean choice between regenerative shampoo and shampoo for normal hair. When you know the rules concerning porosity of the hair, you can take into consideration... their composition!

The best substances for hair are oils, but you have to know how to choose them. Porosity of the hair provides information on what oils are right for the given hair. And so, for low porosity hair best are oils with small particles, large amount of saturated fatty acids, light and without weighting down. While for high porosity hair are recommended oils with large particles, high amount of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids and full-bodied.

In spite of the fact that choice of oil, based on the fatty acids amount, does not work each time, you should consider choice of shampoo and conditioner with oils right for your hair. It all comes down to one thing. To find perfect hair care method you must use trial and error!