Hair care quartet. What do high porosity hair lack?

Four ingredients essential for condition improvement of weak hair. They strengthen and provide deep regeneration. Moreover, they protect external part of hair and fill deficits in hair structure. What are the ingredients we talk about? Hair oils, protein, humectants and emollients. These are the best substances for high porosity hair.

high-porosity-hair.jpgHigh porosity hair are the one which natural structure is more rough or was disrupted by improper treatments. Porosity concerns whether hair cuticles are sealed or open. Sealed cuticles are a sign of healthy hair. In case of high porosity hair the cuticles are raised at maximum level from the hair shaft. This provides a lot of information as to how you should take care of such hair.


The most important for high porosity hair is hair oil treatment. Hair oil ensures them with elasticity and softness, but these are not the only advantages of it. Content of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals provides nourishment, regeneration and strengthening of inner hair structures. Drying oils work on the inside, and those non drying provide high porosity hair with external protection. That’s it for the theory.

In practice, not every oil serves high porosity hair. What oils should you choose to obtain looked-for results? Best are seed oils (large amount of omega-6 acids), nut oils or olive oil (rich in omega-9). There is no universal recipe, so you need to choose right oil for your hair individually. Just observe what your hair react to the best way. Probably the most beneficial are going to be oils with large particles, that can complement deficits between raised hair cuticles.


High porosity hair are deprived of moisture, dry, rough, matte and just do not look good. Self-evidently, they require to take care of their right hydration. Great for this problem are humectants (e.g. glycerine, hyaluronic acid, urea, silk, aloe, honey), which absorb and bind water in inner hair structures. They retain water in hair and at the same time ensure moisture to high porosity hair.

Unfortunately, humectants cannot live without emollients, which have to be used along them. Emollients (e.g hair oils, wax, paraffin, silicones) protect water particles which were absorbed by humectants. Therefore, water absorbed by humectants stays in inner structures of high porosity hair and prevent water loss.


Last group of ingredients, that can help with hair care of high porosity hair are protein. Their main task is penetration of deeper hair structures to complement eventual deficits. They strengthen cuticles and weak hair bulbs. This action is reserved to protein with small particles, however, macromolecular protein create on high porosity hair protective layer.