Big step in hair care. Take care of your high porosity hair!

One of the most common questions concerning hair care is: how to take care of high porosity hair? It is not easy due to its condition. We should remember about a few rules. Thanks to them, having such hair and improving its condition will be easy and pleasurable.

hair-care.jpgNot all conditioners for damaged hair will be suitable for high porosity hair. Every hair needs something different. It is far more important to pay attention to the ingredients and choose e.g. oils designed for high porosity hair. It is also essential how we treat our strands.

High porosity hair care.

High porosity hair dislikes strong action, therefore we should provide it with intensive as well as delicate care. High porosity hair is sensitized due to highly raised cuticles. That is why we have to give it special care.


You should use delicate shampoos, free from detergents or the ones that cleanse gently. Kids shampoos will be perfect. Washing exclusively the scalp is a very good method – we reduce mechanical damages and prevent detergents from getting into sensitive areas.

Only tepid water should be used for washing – hot water makes cuticles even more raised whereas cold water will not rinse the cosmetics. The most important thing about washing high porosity hair is to use gentle motions; no pulling or tearing as it leads to damage.


The way of drying the strands is also important. Energetic towel-drying is not recommended. You should use a cotton T-shirt or paper towel instead. High porosity hair should dry off independently so blow-drying is not recommended. But if you decide on blow-drying, choose a dryer with a diffuser (it is more delicate and defines curls) and remember to apply a product offering heat protection.


Repair and nourishment are the key elements of high porosity hair care. Intensive masks and oils must be used to improve its condition. How to choose products to help high porosity hair and not harm it?

Low porosity hair hates proteins whereas high porosity hair loves them. Proteins allow to rebuild damaged hair structure, therefore they should be included in masks and conditioners that we choose. All masks containing emollients and humectants will work well. When it comes to hair oils for high porosity hair, they must contain large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids.