Everything you need to know about hair – High porosity congenital or acquired

In about 89% cases high porosity is acquired feature, we serve to ourselves with, e.g. often colourisation, permanent wave or excess use of straightener. However, this is not a rule. Did you know that almost every curly hair have high porosity by nature? What is the difference between them and damaged hair?

high-porosity-hair.jpgHigh porosity of hair means quite a problem. This unfortunately is true, but you should know that it not always is a result of improper hair care. You need to take into consideration also lack of conditioning and congenital tendency to raised cuticles.

Who can suffer from high porosity hair?

In theory, everyone. In practice, there is much smaller number of people who have this type of hair. Porosity of the hair changes accordingly to the care devoted to hair. Hair cuticles, which are prone to raise, are natural shield for the hair shaft to protect it against damages. Sadly, wrong hair care is enough for cuticles to raise at the maximum.

The factors that influence hair porosity:

  • frequent colourisation or chemical highlighting,
  • excess thermal stylisation, e.g. curler, straightener, blow dryer,
  • weighting down treatments, e.g. permanent wave,
  • an absolute lack of hair care or wrong cosmetics,
  • indirectly: atmospheric factors, other hair damages.

Attention! High porosity hair are not only the damaged one!

Nonetheless, you have to remember that porosity is partially acquired feature. We are born with certain hair type (what’s interesting, it is mostly medium porosity) and only then we start to impact hair condition either positively or negatively. If the influence is negative – hair will acquire high porosity. But, can they be like it from the beginning?

Of course, they can! Unfortunately, high porosity hair can be congenital, what can make conditioning much more difficult. Natural high porosity hair are curly hair. Owners of curls in majority have high porosity hair, because the curl aids raise of cuticles. However, there are exceptions to this rule, but extremely rare.

Congenital high porosity. What now?

Natural high porosity hair require conditioning like every hair. It is recommended to use hair oils that can emphasise curl and of course an entire set of products with moisturising and preventing water loss properties. Hair with high porosity need protection. You have to take care of them, so that they look well, in spite of raised cuticles.