On the cutting edge of hairdresser’s scissors – High porosity hair

Brittle, matte, extremely dry or even locally burnt. By appearance and touch they resemble hay, that additionally absorbs water like a sponge. Probably, no woman would want it to be description of her hair. However, this is how we describe high porosity hair.

high-porosity-hair.jpgSadly, high porosity hair the type of hair you cannot say anything good about. There are only negative things, which best describe the condition of damaged hair, often at our own request.

What does high porosity mean?

High porosity hair are very damaged. We all know what does it mean in reality. How does it look under the microscope? The porosity of hair is determined by the level at which cuticles are raised. Hair with high porosity have gaps between cuticles open to the maximum. Excessively raised armour of hair provides almost none protection. It only makes hair matte, weak and rough.

This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that high porosity hair are weak. They definitely lose water too fast and require constant hydration. On the other hand, they absorb water almost immediately and in large amounts. Nonetheless, all nourishing substances, which reach high porosity hair are also lost pretty quickly. High porosity hair are just excessively weaken, weighted down and dry.

How can you tell that you have high porosity hair?

It is best to analyse it under the microscope, where you can clearly see cuticles and their condition. You can also perform test with glass of water. High porosity hair, when thrown into the water sinks almost immediately. However, it is much better to just observe your hair.

Description of high porosity hair

High porosity hair are much different than any other hair type. You just need to look at them to know it. At first glance, these hair are much more matte and frizzing, as well as often curl in rainy days. They are rough in touch and excessively tangled. It is difficult to comb them and taming them limits with a miracle. Despite being wild they are also very delicate and easy to break, pull out or suffer from split ends. High porosity hair are dry, deprived of gloss, absorb water very quickly and lose it equally fast. This type of hair are difficult in care and demanding, your hairdresser can only advise you to cut them as fast as you can.